Tisser Rural Handicrafts is a social venture established to uplift the lives of rural Indian artisans. Tisser shares mission of fighting poverty through livelihood generation in the rural artisan clusters. Through a supply chain of strongly connected 10000+ artisans through cluster development and harnessing cluster entrepreneurs. With presence in 18 states and 10000 Artisans/ SHGs.


Tisser provides end to end support to the artisans. It start from artisan mobilisation, to design and product interventions, along with a provision of marketing online and offline on B2B business model. It has created a brand name known for its honesty, fair trade and product innovation. We are creating a base for skilled, sustainable rural employment, and preserving India’s traditional handicrafts in the process.

1. Tisser is a brand for consumers, All products are delightfully designed and carefully crafted

2. Tisser is a end to end support for producer organisation in the clusters.

3. Tisser has ventured into home space under the tag line “Har Ghar main India”

4. Tisser has started MOM Entrepreneurs with matching making with rural artisans.

5. Tisser under GRAM – Grass Root Artisan Movement , social incubates, networks and hand holds women enterprise working the same sector.

6. Tisser is creating a franchise network for business expansion and branding with 2 stores up and running.

7. Tisser partners with government and CSR for skill building.

8. Tisser is creating a South Asia Art and Craft Hub near Mumbai.

9. Tisser uses IT as a game changer

We believe in partnerships , institutions and network. Do reach out for any collaborations.

We are not a market place nor are we better middleman, from the day one we never wanted to do easy work. We always want to be with artisan and walk with them shoulder to shoulder.