Priyadarshani Award for Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs

Federation of Indian Women entrepreneurs is dedicated to foster economic empowerment of women. Every year FIWE celebrates the success of women entrepreneurs who have achieved a mile stone in their respective field of work.

Priyadarshini Award was instituted in 1995 under the chairmanship of the Chairman of Small Industries Corporation and other common members of MSME, Small Industries Development Bank of India, Department of Women and Child Welfare and a member of the Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs. The award was given as an incentive towards the promotion and success of small-scale entrepreneurs in India as well as from SAARC countries. It also recognized the development work initiated by different non-governmental organizations.

Over one hundred women have been honoured with this prestigious award and many of the winners today are considered outstanding achievers in their countries.


Location : New Dehli

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Impact award at NAFW, Seattle 2019

We are extremely thrilled to announce that the winner of the Impact award at NAFW 2019 is the Indian label “TISSER!”
The stunning pencil shaped trophy carved out of Old Burma Teak Wood, repurposed from a century and a half old pillar from an old Indian architectural structure, has come back home to India!
The Impact Award recognises and honours a label excelling in Fashion Design for social/ environmental impact! 
Tisser has been launched so that the loom and craft industry remains not only bulwark of our historical legacy but transforms into an enterprising fortune of artisans besides current trade and future commerce. 
The contributions that Tisser has 
made in that direction are commendable! – NAFW

Location : Seattle , USA

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Times She UnLTD. Entrepreneur Awards 2019

Presenting the Mumbai winners of the Times She UnLTD Entrepreneur Awards 2019 

Women in India are choosing to work on their own terms. Breaking away from the corporate corridors, many have chosen to start their own businesses. These awards honour the incredible women who have paved the way for so many more to follow, leading with their strength, determination, passion, talent and most of all, courage. They know that no hurdle can stop them from achieving success and victory.

Location : Mumbai

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Maharashtra Startup Week January 2019 

Certificate of Excellence

Another feather in our cap.
Our social initiatives, innovative products and team efforts have won us an award and opportunity to work with GoM to support artisans / shgs from Maharashtra. From 1600 startups across the country to 100 and then in 24 selected startup. Was a tough competition indeed  During the week-long event 100 shortlisted startups from each sector made their pitch to the panel, and the best 24 receives work orders of upto INR 15 lakhs from the Maharashtra State Innovation Society to pilot their solutions within the state and demonstrate the proof of concept.  Subsequently, the startups receive handholding support in terms of access to the government machinery and mentoring from its institutional partners for a period of up to 12 months to deploy their solutions on ground.

Location : Mumbai

Manthan Award – Digital Inclusion for Development


Manthan Award is a first of its kind initiative to discover, recognise and honour the BEST use of ICT and digital tools for developmental purposes. The Award is less about technology and digital media but more about the right use of digital and technological tools to empower people.
Tisser Mobile App finalizes for Manthan Awards 2016. A true groundbreaker, the app enables rural artisans to showcase their craft to the urban buyer at the click of a button.



Start up India Rocks – Top 25 Start ups


Startup India Rocks is Scaale’s global startup competition, where companies from 20 cities will compete to get the winner prize, funding, mentors and connection with corporates. Winners of each participating city’s Pitch2CBA will be evaluated by a global jury, providing international exposure to 100+ investors on site.
Tisser Rural Handicrafts is selected as one of the Top 25 Start ups in the competition.

LOCATION: Bangalore



Indira Gandhi Memorial Award : Priyadarshini

APRIL 2016

The Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Awards is an award by the All India National Unity Conference to individuals for their outstanding services, achievement and contributions to promote National Unity, Integration, Brotherhood and Oneness. his award recognises those individuals who have excelled and made a positive and transformative difference in their respective fields of interest and work. Among the others who received the award were the International athlete Ms. Kavita Raut, first Woman editor of the Marathi daily Punyanagri Ms. Rahi Bhide, Ms. Juhi Chawla, Mr. Nawazuddin Siddique, Industrialist Megha Phansalkar and author Kavita Mahajan.




Shakti Achievement Award at 11th National Women Excellence Award 2018 on the 25th November


An AWARDEE for the 11th National Women Excellence Award 2018 being organized on the 25th November 2018 at the Multipurpose Hall, India International Center, 40 MaxMueller Marg, New Dehli – 110003.