We at Tisser, are a team of energetic and versatile individuals, all of whom are passionately driven to achieve the vision with which Tisser was founded.

Teams –

  • Advisory: A core team having experience in the sector provides mentoring and advisory support.
  • Design: Consists of three architects forming a collective called R.O. and a textile graduate from NIFT Hyderabad. We additionally have 2 dedicated designers who conducts post training practices and ensures order completion.
  • Marketing and Operations: Consists of three members who handle orders from online and offline platforms and look after the overall operations.
  • Finance: The company secretary handles all the finances.
  • Cluster Coordinators: A team of coordinators ensure that all activities go on smoothly, maintain partner relations and handle activities related to websites and mobile applications
  • Regional Co-ordinators – Local regional co-ordinators and regional hubs are an integral part of Tisser, enabling smooth coordination between artisans for execution of orders