Tisser Artisans Trust




  1. Create a fund from Tisser profits, from CSR and from Grants to strengthen Tisser network  artisans, weavers inspired by Indian traditional art
  2. Help the artisans to generate livelihood through end to end support from Tisser Trust.
  1. Create and build the artisans clusters from tourism perspective to promote the art and the artisans.
  2. Training them in design and quality techniques so they create products, which can compete in today’s markets.
  3. Creating a quality process for each type of handmade item. Such a process then will be used as a for reference tool/standard by all artists, which will ensure uniformity of quality and replication.
  4. Helping them reach a stage where they can function independently, with minimal support from Tisser
  5. Help to create a support infrastructure for the artisans, so they can escape loan and interest traps through networking and CSR funds.
  6. Integrate the small producers into the value chain by developing inclusive value chains and facilitate access to mainstream markets in which the poor are able to participate effectively through Tisser interventions.
  7. Support the girl child education, focus on the weaker section girls who require support.
  8. Document different handicrafts and weaving processes existing in rural india and create repository.